Viktor Zakrynycny

Paola Trevisan, Bologna

An all-round artist, Viktor Zakrynycny is endowed with a delicate and romantic, yet impulsive, personality which captures the viewer with a pleasant feeling. The subjects of his art are traditional; conversely his artistic expression is not. In fact, although inspired by natural and urban landscapes - both real ones and those drawn from his memories and reinterpreted - Zakrynycny follows a path of his own, where he develops an expressivity which, spurred by an urgent need to break away from the traditional language, becomes distinctly innovative and unique.

Spellbinding and evocative atmospheres are the protagonists of his paintings. Warm and intense hues interact harmoniously with the most delicate shades, creating paintings that reveal the inner vision of Zakrynycny who lives with equal passion elements belonging to nature and to the city. The artist enjoys being seduced by the excitement generated by the contemplation of the milieu of his life and of any fascinating location discovered in his travels; landscapes and architecture, conveyed to the canvas with feeling, surrender their realistic features to take on instead an evocative style very close to the abstract.

Viktor Zakrynycny’s art is one of feelings which, in bestowing an emotion, a memory, is capable of stirring vibrant and bewitching suggestions, touching deeply the mind of the viewer.

Jan Docekal, Trebic

Viktor Zakrynycny - Artist’s perceptions and impressions

Viktor Zakrynycny is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Kamenec-Podolsky, Ukraine (1988-1993). Longing to see the world since his adolescence, he moved to Athens in 1996. He got acquainted with the antique art and he studied with the sculptor Ramazi. He has a second home in Brno since the late nineties. From here he travels for the cognition – to Paris, Gdansk, Venice, to Crete... He is devoted to drawing and painting above all and he has a few students, which he teaches the basics of drawing and the culture of colours.
He says: My aim is not the outer reality but the impression.

Perceptions and impressions, then purely impression, were the basic attributes of the artistic style called IMPRESSIONISM (it was established in last quarter of nineteenth century). The painters went to the countryside, endeavoured after the motive, a truthful depiction, the non-figural painters were concerned especially about the form. By this they stepped out of the then-current fashion because they disavowed the deep-rooted rules of painting.

Zakrynycny has also no respect for conventions but those contemporary ones. He stands outside the sphere of the still persistant dominance of abstraction. His sphere is outside contemporary taste. Of course it is possible not to know that according to the expert predictions the truthful depiction should be a history for a good half a century and the hanging painting should not exist for a long time... However the art does not care for the prognosis and the indoctrination, it exists in compliance with the unwritten postulates, though they are often breakneck.

Zakrynycny, while he inclines largely to impression, paints like those that left long time ago, by making short strokes and only a touch from the brush, in glaring and vivid colours with the structural surface in the simplified composition, the total effect is quite substantial, not in the detail. The frequent motive of the impressionists were also the cafés, the theatres and the concerts. Viktor Z. loves jazz, all of its faces and forms and styles, sweetly romantic, rough dramatic and everything, which is between those limits. He has, that is the matter of fact resulting from amount of work, more cognitive signs in the summary of his paintings. Jazz is one of them.

Hana Langova-Veprekova, Brno

... In his work he uses daring, dynamic iridiscence, mystical and so deeply close to human mind at the same time. He senses the colours by his whole being, he creates in such way as the Czech painters are perhaps afraid of, sometimes he overreaches up to extreme. The spectator is impressed by his glaring palette, colourfulness, now intensive, then clear glazing tinge. The sun play with the shadows in tree-tops, the daring curves of architecture of past centuries, the playful reflection of water level, all of it inspires the author and it motivates to create new and new works constantly. Sometimes the man becomes a central motive of his paintings, mostly in isolation, as the character of certain life symbol in endless space, in which the light reigns more or less, both natural and magically mysterious.

The light is omnipresent in his work, it is the light around us, above us, even in us. It is so close to all of us, it is the ultimate essence of us all, of our desires and dreams.

It is the great gift of artists to depicture the dreams and the desires of our heart. We have the chance to identify with the author’s ideas, to call them close to us and to take the painting to our home as the beautiful fulfilled dream.

Everyone, even the simplest man, longs for the beauty and it is allowed to the artists to fulfill this human desire.

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